Reverend Helen McLeod

helen_mcleod.jpgReverend Helen McLeod joined the spiritual community in Barrie on Sunday, November 30th, 2008. It has been a long and interesting journey as she has been guided to come fulfill the next stage of her calling to ministry in this community. Helen attended Ministerial School at Unity Village from 2005 – 2007 and was ordained a Unity Minister in June 2007. This past year she served an internship at Unity Church of Hawaii, in the capacity of Interim Associate Minister under the dynamic tutelage of Rev. Sky St. John.

Rev. Helen has a vision of creating a world where we each honor the Divine in one another as we all live in freedom while experiencing happiness and joy. Her eclectic experiences and adaptability enhance her ministry as she models empowerment and compassion for self and others. In ministry she especially enjoys spiritual/pastoral counseling, facilitating small group ministry, and community outreach. She allows for Divine Guidance to direct the course of her life. As she proclaims, “it’s all about Spiritual growth”.

Prior to her ordination as a Unity Minister, Helen’s life has taken her into many varied fields that include serving as the Office Manager & Assistant to the Minister at Unity Church of Mississauga, counseling in the addiction field over a 10 year period, partnering in a leading Canadian Security and Investigation Company, publishing limited edition graphics, training dogs, managing a dog kennel and horse farm, working in corporate travel sales and in a variety of corporate, retail, and wholesale work settings. 

In addition to our ministry in Barrie, Helen serves on the Spiritual Care Team as a Multifaith Chaplin at the Waypoint Center for Mental Health Care in Pentanguishene. She also currently serves as a member of the Unity Canada board as their Chaplain. Helen's family consists of her adult daughter, Melanie, and her mother, Eva, who both live in Toronto.

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